At Colin Dry & Associates Veterinary Clinic, we treat each of the pets in our care as if they were our own.

In addition to providing all aspects of medical and surgical care for companion animals, our team also sell a wide range of preventative health care products.

Our Taree veterinarians will ensure you benefit from friendly, expert advice on all aspects of animal health, including nutrition and behaviour.

Receive the compassionate, quality service you and your pet deserve.


Our friendly team provide comprehensive pet consultation services. The facilities at our practice are modern and the comfort of our patients is our priority. We have advanced equipment at our disposal to acquire accurate diagnoses for any health conditions your pet may be suffering from. Our experienced staff have the up-to-date knowledge to ensure your pet receives the best health care possible.


If you own a dog or cat, it is essential to ensure their teeth and gums receive the optimal care. To achieve this, regular dental checkups are strongly recommended. Fortunately, at Colin Dry & Associates Veterinary Clinic, we have all your Taree pet dental care needs covered under one roof. Teeth cleaning and polishing is provided by our staff. We can also provide teeth extractions/removals, applying IV to ensure your pet is sedated during the procedure.


Desexing your pet:

  • Will make them less likely to roam, fight with other animals and develop anti-social behaviour
  • Will reduce their risk of getting cancer and contracting other dangerous diseases
  • Will eliminate the possibility of unwanted litters

At Colin Dry & Associates Veterinary Clinic in Taree, we offer desexing services for dogs and cats. We can also desex rabbits and ferrets on request. IV anaesthesia is administered for all our spay and neutering procedures.

Fauna Rescue

At Colin Dry & Associates, we are happy to treat injured or sick wildlife brought to our clinic. We will examine the animal, provide the service required, and arrange for a carer to bring it to a safe are where it can be rehabilitated and released.

Our partner in animal rescue and rehabilitation is FAWNA NSW INC, an organisation comprised of volunteer workers passionate about helping animals return safely to the wild.


By implanting a tiny microchip just under your pet's skin, your pet can be easily traced back to you should it ever become lost. All you have to do is provide your contact details to us and we will ensure they are entered into our database. We can also update contact details at later dates. Both dogs and cats can be microchipped by our professionals at a very affordable price.


Our Taree vets can diagnose and treat a variety of animal orthopaedic conditions. Using advanced surgical equipment and techniques, we can provide cruciate ligament repairs, treatments for cruciate ruptures as well as corrective surgery for luxating patella. We can also provide pinning and external fixators for certain procedures. Our team are committed to helping you keep your pet active.

Pet Grooming

At Colin Dry & Associates Veterinary Clinic, we are committed to keeping your pet looking and feeling its best. To achieve this, we provide comprehensive Taree pet grooming for dogs and cats. Teeth cleaning, clipping, bathing and much more is offered by our staff, and we use products from leading brands to achieve the best result. As with all the services we offer, the comfort of your pet is our top priority.

Pet Care Products

To help our clients maintain the health and happiness of their pets at home, we sell a comprehensive range of pet products from leading brands. Among the items we stock are:

  • Flea and tick products
  • Medicated shampoos and grooming products
  • Prescription diet foods
  • Heartworm prevention products
  • Wide range of intestinal worming products
  • Pet accessories
    • Bravecto
    • Nexguard
    • Comfortis
    • Drontal
    • Milbemax
    • Hills
    • Eukanuba
    • Royal Canin


Our team provide general radiology services for fast and accurate diagnoses of health conditions. We can take X-rays prior to orthopaedic surgery, as well as hip scoring and elbow X-rays. Our radiology procedures can be undertaken to pinpoint the cause of hip problems for breeding purposes (i.e diagnosing hip dysplasia in labradors). We only work with advanced equipment, to ensure the highest quality of care is maintained at all times.

Tick Treatments

The paralysis tick is a major problem for dogs and cats on the Mid North Coast, prevention and treatment are very important to owners.

The paralysis tick occurs all year round but numbers reach a peak from early spring to late Summer. A tick bite can lead to respiratory failure and possible death.

At Colin Dry and Associates our team are fully equipped and experienced to treat your pet against tick paralysis.

If you are concerned that your pet has been affected it is important they are treated as soon as possible. Please call the clinic immediately for advice.


At Colin Dry & Associates Veterinary Clinic, we provide a comprehensive range of pet vaccination services, including

  • Dog/puppy vaccinations
    • Distemper and hepatitis
    • Kennel cough
    • Parvo
    • Annual heart worm injections
  • Cat and kitten vaccinations
  • Rabbit vaccinations
    • Calicivirus

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